Aldi steak is pitted against M&S’ prime rump on C4’s Supershoppers – so which comes out on top?

Aldi steak is pitted against M&S’ prime rump on C4’s Supershoppers – so which comes out on top?

WHEN it comes to shopping for a steak at a supermarket, does paying more really get you the best flavour?

Channel 4’s Supershoppers decided to put an Aldi premium steak against an M&S prime rump to see which was tastiest – and the bargain supermarket came out on top.

Aldi is currently selling a premium steak which has been dubbed the most mature steak on the market.

The meaty offering has been matured for 36 days in total, which consists of 21 days of dry-ageing, which removes the moisture from the meat to enhance flavour, plus a further 15 days in vacuum packs.

At £19.78 per kg for both rib eye and sirloin cuts, the Aldi offerings are some of the cheapest premium steaks in supermarkets.

They were pitted against M&S steaks, which cost £35 per kg for rib eye and £34 per kg for sirloin.

While the Aldi steaks have matured for longer in total, the M&S steaks have had a week longer of the dry-ageing process at 28 days.

The Channel 4 programme saw a chef host a blind test of the different meats for a group of people who sell steak for a living.

First up was a comparison of the sirloin steaks, and Aldi came up trumps despite being around 43 per cent cheaper.

Although comments were made about M&S’ sirloin that it was “nice and soft”, one tester said of Aldi’s: “It’s much better that tastes so much more than the other one.”

While Aldi’s was the clear sirloin favourite, when it came to the rib eye steak, M&S’ was the most popular choice.

One tester said of the M&S steak: “You can taste some aging on that.”

Another added of Aldi’s: “It is tasty but nowhere near as good as that.”

Host Kate said: “So the M&S 28-day rib eye gets the tester’s vote, but when it comes to sirloin, it’s a different story.

“Our critics prefer the Aldi, and it’s nearly half the price.”

And co-presenter Sabrina Grant added: “So next time you are in the supermarket, try a cheaper steak. Cost doesn’t always guarantee taste.”

Supershoppers airs tonight on Channel 4 at 8pm

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