Victoria Beckham was working despite ‘having no feeling in her legs’ after birth

Victoria Beckham was working despite ‘having no feeling in her legs’ after birth

Victoria Beckham has scoffed at the thought that she only had a week off work after giving birth to daughter Harper.

In fact, Victoria said that she was back working before the effects of the epidural had worn off.

The former Spice Girl, now fashion designer, has been speaking out about her work ethic and revealed that having maternity leave with Harper was never in the plan.

Speaking to, the 44-year-old hit back at her haters, saying that her and husband David have not got to where they are now by sheer luck.

Victoria said: "Me and David, love or hate the two of us, we work really hard. We’ve always worked really hard."

There is a reason for the constant hectic schedule as she revealed the worst thing the Beckhams can do is to rest on their laurels.

Revealing her determination to stay at the top of her game, Victoria said: "Getting success is one thing, maintaining it is a whole other thing."

Taking a day off work is not in Victoria’s business plan and even when she was in hospital giving birth to Harper, over seven years ago, she looked to have the least amount of time off as possible.

When asked if she had taken a week off after Harper’s birth, Victoria laughed and said that she was back at it before ‘she had feeling back in her legs’.

Explaining what happened, Victoria said: "Let me tell you. I was still in hospital. I couldn’t feel my legs because of the bloody epidural, and I’m being asked to approve lookbook images.

"So, I didn’t have a lot of time off. But it’s hard when you have your own business.”

The work ethic seems to be paying dividends as the Beckahms received more than £30 million from their businesses in 2017.

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