Chrissy Teigen Wears Nothing But A Towel In Latest Instagram Video

Chrissy Teigen Wears Nothing But A Towel In Latest Instagram Video

Chrissy Teigen has just returned from some much-deserved downtime with family and friends at a tropical destination, but she’s already sharing some very candid household moments on social media.

In her latest Instagram video, Chrissy is seen rocking her model skills by wearing nothing but a plain white bath towel wrapped around her torso while sitting on the floor and holding one knee up. She is wearing barely any makeup, and her long caramel tresses are worn loose in a wavy style, and she dons a strangely big golden flower adornment on her head — which turns out was the result of her daughter Luna’s hairstyling antics!

As the dotting mother she is, the Sports Illustrated model tells her two-year-old baby girl that she loves the accessory, before it almost falls and Luna comes to the rescue, adorably dressed in a blue princess gown. Chrissy then thanks her daughter and plants a kiss on her cheek after Luna caresses her face and the video ends with the two warmly embracing in a really sweet mother-daughter moment.

Both Luna and seven-month-old Miles, the two children Chrissy shares with singer John Legend, make frequent cameos on both their parents’ social media pages, and their latest tropical getaway resulted in some extremely adorable family snaps.

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From pictures of her kids in cute beachwear to gorgeous photos of herself and her two pals, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkins and William Morris Endeavor agent Meghan Mackenzie, splashing around as they pose on a giant inflatable unicorn, her idyllic vacation was definitely envy-inducing. But there was a slight mishap during their escapade, which Chrissy took to Twitter to discuss: she revealed that a bunch of hives had broken out both on her butt and her thighs. And because she is one of the most hilarious celebrities on the Twittersphere, she polled her followers and ended up sharing pictures of the skin condition, showing that even A-listers can’t avoid the typical vacation troubles.

Now back at her regular life in Beverly Hills, California, Chrissy rolled up her sleeves and quickly returned to work, which also includes cooking for her family while trying out new recipes for possible upcoming cooking books. On Thursday, she shared a few videos of the dinner she was cooking, which included a short rib stew with some mashed potatoes on the side that looked absolutely delicious. And it appears that Luna might follow her mom’s footsteps, as she was also filmed attempting to practice her cooking skills while using a fork to move around food in a pot.

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