Casey Anthony’s Parents Video Depositions Foreclosure Case

Casey Anthony’s Parents Video Depositions Foreclosure Case


Videotaped depositions in Casey Anthony’s parents’ home foreclosure case began as the bank sought to take the home where little Caylee was last seen alive, has exclusively learned.

Cindy and George Anthony were locked in a bitter lawsuit with U.S. Bank National Association, who claimed they owed about $130,000 on their mortgage of their Orlando, Florida home and the bank began foreclosure in 2017.

According to court records obtained by Radar, the depositions in Casey’s parents’ court battle began on April 12, 2019 in the case.

The bank fought to have the videotapes withheld from the public, but a judge ruled that they would be released after a verdict is reached in the case.

“This deposition is being taken for the purpose of discovery, for use at trial, or both of the foregoing, or for such other purposes as permitted under the applicable rules and governing law. The deposition will be taken upon oral examination before an official court reporter, or a Notary Public, or some other officer duly authorized by law to take depositions in the State of Florida,” the documents obtained by Radar stated.

U.S. Bank N.A. gave their deposition first, the records stated.

George and Cindy Anthony were fighting to keep the home where little Caylee was last seen alive, but where her mother’s defense team claimed she drowned in the backyard pool.

Casey was acquitted by a jury of murdering her little 2-year-old daughter but her parents faced eviction from their long-time home .

George and Cindy were scheduled to go to trial in the home foreclosure case in the summer.

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