Olivia Culpo’s Insane Abs — Copy The Exact Workouts She Loves To Stay In Shape

Olivia Culpo’s Insane Abs — Copy The Exact Workouts She Loves To Stay In Shape

Want to start 2019 off on the right food? Get some workout inspo from Olivia Culpo and her flawless bod! See how she stays fit below. 

Olivia Culpo, 26, seems to get sexier by the day! Sure, some of it is genetics, but the star works hard on her body thanks to diet and exercise. To shed pounds fast, she says the secret is “trying to cut out or limit carbs,” she told Us Weekly. That mindset is along the lines of the Keto diet, which is super popular right now among stars like Halle Berry and Jenna Jameson. It is super effective in the short term, but might be harder to sustain over time, some experts warn.

Olivia says she actually loves working out (bless her heart) and that she does it three to five times a week. “I love Pilates, I love to run, I love SoulCycle,” she told Us. “I’ve been doing a lot of Barry’s Bootcamp, which has been fun. I like Orange Theory Too, and I like Fly Barre. I love everything!” If you’re not as enthusiastic about working out as Olivia, try her tip: “Bring a friend to workout out to help motivate you!”


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Of course, you don’t need to take fancy classes or live in a big city to get healthy. Doing some squats, lunges, planks, and pushups in your living room is a great way to get started on your journey. Even taking your dog for a walk or a jog is amazing cardio! YouTube also has a ton of free Pilates and yoga workouts, so get moving!

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